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What Will Replace Third-Party Cookies?

What Will Replace Third-Party Cookies?

Cookies--so aptly named. Small and delicious. Who doesn’t want one? Online users freely offer up their cookies to marketers, who gobble them up handily. But what’s inside an online cookie? When users began to understand that it was their own personal information being...

What is a Marketing Micro-Moment?

What is a Marketing Micro-Moment?

And how your brand can take advantage of new consumer behavior Micro-moments are like stream-of-consciousness smartphone moments woven into the tapestry of the worldwide consumer’s life. The power of micro-moments might best be described by remembering their absence....

How to Improve Your Website by Cleaning Up Your URLs

How to Improve Your Website by Cleaning Up Your URLs

If you’re not a detail-oriented person, you might want to consider becoming one after reading this article. At least when it comes to creating website URLs. Because, as it turns out, that unique line of symbols that identifies each and every web page on the Internet...


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