5 Link-Building Outreach Rules

All businesses want their content seen by as large an audience as possible. That’s why digital marketing is crucial to business growth. But some strategies generate a big audience more efficiently than other ones. Here are 5 rules of outreach for your brand, business, and content to get things started for improving engagement and increasing your business’s success.

1. Always tell the truth

Ever get emails from random people who claim that they’re following your blog and are avid readers? It’s easy to see that those people are not telling the truth. They’re just using an outreach template, which creates a bad first impression because it’s not authentic. Being disingenuous is not well received, so make sure you don’t make that same mistake. Instead, find blogs that resonate with you, so you can read, follow, and genuinely comment on their content on all platforms. By doing that, you’ll sound more personable and be received as authentic when sending an email. This creates a relationship and increases the likelihood you’ll get a response.

2. Offer a strong incentive

Do you want to publish a guest post on someone’s blog or have your site included on someone’s resource page? Of course, that would be great! But it’s not always that easy. Or is it? One thing is for sure, you’ll need to offer them an incentive . . . a strong incentive, like the following:

  •     Share their post to your social media audience
  •     Let them use your infographic
  •     Write an article for their blog
  •     Pay to advertise their blog on social media
  •     Send their blog post to your email list
  •     Offer them a free product
  •     Offer them a free trial of your service

3. Always proofread your emails

Typos are one of the worst mistakes you can make in your outreach emails. They show that you didn’t invest the time and effort to proofread your material. This is easily corrected by just spending a few minutes to read your emails a few times and/or pasting the copy into a grammar checking tool. You may think you don’t make mistakes–but you do, everyone does. You may think proofreading is a waste of time–but it’s not, it’s crucial to your ROI. How? Because the time you spend proofreading can increase traffic to your site and that can boost your sales.

4. Reclaim broken links

A broken link happens when you delete or move a webpage, so the websites that include that link end up sending traffic to a “404 Error” page instead of your website. But you can reclaim those links pretty quickly and with little effort by creating a 301 redirect and bringing those broken links back to your website.

5. Use an official email 

There are a couple of reasons why you should always send your outreach emails through a paid email provider rather than a free one. First, outreach emails sent via a free service tend not to get good feedback results. Second, and more important, free email services have a reputation for sending spam, which means your email may never even be read because it immediately gets dumped into a spam folder. If that’s not enough to convince you, there are some sites that won’t read guest posting pitches from a Gmail or Yahoo account either. So be choosey when deciding which provider should send your emails. 

Be a marketing Titan: 

✓ Be authentic in your relationships

✓ Practice give and take

✓ Proofread your emails

✓ Make use of 301 Redirects

✓ Employ a respected email provider

✓ Call Titan for a free consult on how they can help you with your digital marketing needs

Georgi Todorov

Georgi Todorov

Off Page SEO Developer

Georgi Todorov is a digital marketer specializing in Off-Page SEO and recently started his own blog about digital marketing called DigitalNovas. His passion is to help startups grow and thrive in a competitive environment. Hit him up on LinkedIn or Twitter @GeorgiTodorovBG